Greatest High School Teacher Essay

By Frances V. DT.

Humber – Lakeshore Campus

Bachelor of Criminal Justice

December 11, 2015

 The greatest high school teacher; what defines “the greatest” exactly?  A warm, friendly, nurturing, exceptionally fabulous person?  That must be Yolanda N**, a cosmetology and computer teacher at St. *** Catholic Secondary School; she is the greatest high school teacher of all time because she helped me through some of the toughest times and was a fabulous woman.

     As any other high school student, and/or person that goes through life situations, I was one of them.  Problems at home, at school, with my friends and anything else, I had them.  A new student to the school in my second semester of grade nine, I was placed into N**’s  grade eleven cosmetology class.  She made the class a place that the students felt welcome, felt their own and felt as if no matter who was in the class, we were all equal.  I made friends quickly, and it is a bond that to this day still exists.  That was when I made the decision to have cosmetology all throughout high school, as many times as possible.  Yolanda was the greatest woman, teacher and now, friend I have made.  While things got rough I could speak to her about anything and everything and she would try to help and give the best advice.  She was not only a teacher but a councellor for her students.  Students that were not even part of the class would come in from time to time to check on her, ask about her and how SHE was doing.  Students not in her class, students in her class, graduates and her fellow coworkers confided in her for advice and strength.

     Receiving a “Highest Achievement Award” in the cosmetology class, and being presented it through our annual school awards ceremony made me realize I had potential; “I could do this!!”, I thought.  Struggling to concentrate in school and having no interest, getting bored, Ms. N** was able to help.  While sitting through her lunches to allow me to catch up on work or ask for extra help, she made sure to help me realize I can do anything I put my mind to, and that I am great.

     If it was not for Ms Yolanda N**, I would have dropped out of school in my late grade ten year, early grade eleven year(s).  I would have given up.  I just could not find anything within me to get up and go to school, I did not have the same interests as my friends and felt as if I never really fit in.  So I thought, “Why bother?  I’ll never be like them.  I won’t go, there’s no point.”  As a mother, N** was able to see right through students fake smiles, and could read one almost instantaneously.  Often skipping classes and lingering the halls, I would find my way to the cosmetology class, and participate in her teachings even though I did not have the class in my timetable during that semester, it is where I wanted to be, where I wanted to learn.  I challenged my teachers, I caused trouble in the halls, and both vice principals knew me, personally – basically having my own desk in their offices.  All thanks to Ms. N** I realized I do not need to be like the others, and that I was not necessarily better than the others, but I excelled at something they may not, and vice-versa.  My outbreaks stopped, I started to catch up and participate.  I felt proud of myself.

     In conclusion, Ms. Yolanda N** was the greatest high school teacher of all time due to her patience, nurturing and her passion for teaching and helping her student(s) succeed.  She is a fantastic woman and I feel so honoured to have had her help me through school.  She helped me realize the career field I wanted to go into, the potential I had.  I made honour roll because she helped me believe in myself.  A true, genuine teacher.  A woman who was basically a second mother for not only myself, but many other students, and teachers I am sure.  An exceptional human being.  Yolanda N**, the greatest high school teacher.


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