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Try not to vomit on the mat

There are two reasons I tend to feel nauseated.

  1.  Stress.
  2. Eating the wrong foods just before Jits class.

The best way to eliminate the first reason, is to keep going to class.

The second reason takes a lot more thought and work that I had not anticipated in the least.steel-bucket-590x590

Eating a McChicken prior to being caught in Shari’s closed guard wasn’t one of the smartest decisions I have made in my life. ***Cue in required bucket…just in case.***

I know.  I know.  McDonald’s is terrible food – as is any fast food – but you don’t understand!!  I am always in a rush!!

(How whiny and obnoxiously brutal does that sound?)

So here I sit staring at my screen and while lately all I ever do is search for other women’s blogs on Jiu Jitsu…I find myself drawn to food and nutrition.

It’s time to make time and stop eating take-out.  I will start to post different recipes that I find I enjoy and in turn hopefully so will you. Mom’s recipes are awesome especially because I grew up eating those foods but I am realizing that some of those foods are too heavy in my stomach – especially just before I am about to roll on the mat.

1fruits-and-vegetablesLately I have been turning to drinking a smoothie no later than 5pm on training days, I call it my go-to smoothie (I am quite sure it has a real name somewhere out there).  They seem to eliminate hunger, not add to the nausea and I still feel light enough to hop around the mat.  The only problem is I am starving about an hour after class, so I will have to keep playing with food until I figure this out.  As I find recipe ideas, I will add it to Fast Food: No Mas!. (For those of you not fluent in Spanglish, this translates to No More Fast Food.)

Comment below if you have any recipe suggestions and thank you for providing them.

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