Praying to the porcelain god.

Too much of anything is not good.

patron_silver_tequila_76309On my last birthday, I received a beautiful bottle of Patron Tequila (Thx Ang!!)

As it proudly sits on my shelf, every time I look at it, it reminds me of that one time in college when Lisa and I were actually awarded the title….The Tequila Shielas!  …oh boy……..  (sorry about your car George 😦 )

I’ve taken a short break from writing because well, I was over-saturating my brain with Jiu Jitsu.  Reading blogs and articles, watching video after video, the mats constantly on my mind, thoughts on what to write next – my mind was in such a state of overload – I was beginning to get bored with it all.  I swear if I was in today’s younger generation, I’d be diagnosed with ADHD.  As a matter of fact, I’m sure of it.toilet

Slow and steady might have ended that wretched night on a different note (then again, it was tequila;  at least we didn’t end up in jail).

I never touched tequila again….until now…..years later, and only sip it.

Jumping into Jiu Jitsu full on and letting it take over my every thought has made it very difficult to enjoy other things in my life.  One gentleman posted in one of the Facebook groups the question, ‘how many times a week do you train Jiu Jitsu?’  The responses left me speechless.  People are training 8-9 times a week, plus extra gym, yoga, weights, etc….one person actually commented on if you are ‘not’ training this much, then you must ‘not’ be serious. 😳

It made me wonder how much time do they dedicate to their loved ones, their jobs and other interests.  Does anyone vacuum their own floors, do their own laundry,  home cook meals or care for their offspring?!  I must be a terrible person at time management because I am pretty sure I could not put in those kinds of hours on the mat without it affecting some part or other of my life.

I don’t want Jiu Jitsu to absorb my life.

I want it to compliment it.

Quitting Jiu Jitsu all together is not an option for me as I too have noticed that I take deeper breaths when something or someone has set my emotions off.  For the first time, I actually miss the mat after not being on it for a few days.  When  I started back in September, once a week was more than plenty (my body didn’t allow for more)….now that I have been going twice a week for a couple of months, I think I might like to try going three times.  Maybe I am getting stronger?  My fellow Jiujitieros are telling me my sweeps are getting a little more flow to them, that must be a good thing.


The point is that there are so many other beautiful things to enjoy too. (A short trip to Ripley’s Aquarium with my baby girl, resulted in these amazing photos.)

We need to find a balance in life.


We need to rest our minds to reset and affirm our goals.

There is nothing wrong with solitude.

It helps build character.

Call a pal, hang out, go dancing.  The AGO has a wonderful exhibit of Monet, Van Gogh and other’s art.  Grab your mini-clones and take them to the movies – Moana is awesome for all ages…. Rogue One – Star Wars is still in the theatres.

img_2112Make paper air planes while waiting for that Babewatch Hamburger from The Works… delicious!!  Giggle non-stop with your loved ones…watch a tele-novela – Jane the Virgin (who was accidentally artificially inseminated!!!)

Then get back on the mat, read another article, respond to a fellow grappler’s post….watch yet one more video on how to successfully roll without separating your shoulder.

But try, try, try… keep a balance in your life…


So next time we grab the tequila, remember…


…it’s all about balance..

..while having fun…

…but not too much fun….cause that could result in the calling of the gods.


PREV:  Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes..         NEXT: The student becomes the teacher.


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1 thought on “Praying to the porcelain god.

  1. Jiu Jiu

    Hahaha I hear you! My personal cautionary tale was putting too much of my social life in my jiu jitsu basket, having that basket be upset (twice!) by either realizing the gym was a bad match, or that the instructor was a Grade A Douche (he’s now in prison for rape, as far as I am aware). I split from the gym, and poof, there went my social life. No friends, no support system, etc.

    When I go into a gym now, I emotionally withhold. I acknowledge that these are my training partners, NOT my family. They will likely NOT be there through thick and then – they’re people, we happen to train together. Most of my jiu jitsu family was actually made through my blog, not training together, although there are some very good friends I made through training.

    For me, that was the “in moderation” thing – the emotional investment.



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