I am a Bad Mom!


Its 6am and I wake up with a terrible fright…….the “tooth fairy” fell asleep!!!  OMG!!  Run! Run! ……NNOOOOOOOO!!!! Tip toe quietly….damned the squeaky hardwood floor!!zahnfee-muenze-tooth-fairy-coin-8-1-1

The ‘tooth fairy’ has just placed the money on the night table and as she grabs the tooth, hears a sleepy voice….”Mama, are you the tooth fairy?”

I’m sooooo busted!  My response, you ask?

“Shhhhhh, mi niña (my baby girl), you’re dreaming..go back to sleep.”

And I RUN out the door, heart pounding!  I am such a bad mom, I  just ruined the tooth fairy for her plus I LIED TO MY BABY GIRL!!

Then there was the time where we had Princess Goldie.  A blue fighter fish.  Who lived for 6 months. Want to know how I kept her alive for so long?  $$$ – yes, money.
Every time Princess Goldie would swan dive out of the bowl, or her belly swell up from too much of my 6 year old over feeding her or whatever crazy reason she would float to the top, I would fly to the pet store (aka drive, I only use my broomstick when it is warm outside)

One time, Princess Goldie turned red overnight.  “Mama, why is she red?”  Me: “Because mi niña, the fish doctor gave me medicine to feed her and it turned her red”

This in turn caused my baby to be maybe just a little afraid to take medicine that was the color red – grape flavour it was! 

Unbeknownst to my baby, the final Princess Goldie was the 6th generation of Goldies (even t5916043393_277e05267f_bho they were all blue, except the one that was red)…and yes, I did tell her that the medicine was temporary, and that is why she turned blue again.

Last week, she and I are sitting at the dinner table.  Eating dinner that she had prepared and she was reminiscing about her fish.  I started giggling and said, “my goodness, I can’t believe how many times I ran out to replace that fish!”

The look of shock on her face!!  Her jaw dropped!!  Speechless she was!!

…and it caused me to jump into a fit of laughter, tear jerking belly laughter….

I am a bad mom.  All these years, and she still believed my stories!

I am a really, really bad mom….

Parenting is really hard.  For years, I kept hoping that maybe my doctor just simply forgot to pull out the instruction manual out of me while delivering my baby….or maybe I misplaced it because I am no Martha Stewart.  My house always seems to be in disarray – except for about 5 minutes after I clean.  Why is my cat is the only one who always misses the litter to pee??  It always seems the other mom’s prepare healthy lunches for their kids, have time to go to PTA meetings and for pete’s sake, what is it with the mom’s that always have perfect hair, makeup and nails??!!  Can I ever be early for anything???Why am I always rushing from place to place, only to always be 15 minutes late???!!!!

My baby makes her own lunches and does her own laundry. She knows how to sew and cook. We argue … a lot.

But isn’t that what we are supposed to do?  Have I not provided an environment where she feels safe to test her limits and boundaries.

She tells me that she loves hanging out with me because I make every outing15781662_10210059676342994_4474866693942926763_n a memorable one.  We laugh…all…the ….time….

Last night, for the first time ever, we went to Nathan Philip Square to skate.  What better time than on New Year’s Eve for Canada’s 150th birthday party.  As we skated around the rink, she held my hand and didn’t let go.  My heart swelled.

Yes.  I am a bad mom….and damned proud of it!!

What does any of this have to do with Jiu Jitsu?  737307_4676440863544_831045141_oNo clue.

But I do know that I must be doing something right, when my teenager loves hanging out with me and what better way to bring in the new year, except with my baby girl by my side.  She is my cheerleader.

I love you to the moon and back mi niña!!

(Thank you Emilia for planning this fantastically fun NYE 2017-another Bad Mom and proud of it!)


PREV:  2017 Resolutions? or Goals?                                         NEXT: What exactly is a Gi?


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5 thoughts on “I am a Bad Mom!

  1. Helen Valenzuela

    Oh my goodness, Yolanda. I’ve read so many of your blogs and had goosebumps several times. Your dear late momma’s recipes, your tales of being a bad momma, your romp on the jui jitsu mat, your “tongue in cheek” comments had me laughing out loud. You are a born writer. Keep up the great work!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Helen Valenzuela

      Yolanda, I have the greatest respect for you. I spent a lot of time over the years with you momma and she always praised you and your baby girl Daniela. She was SO PROUD of you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous

    It’s the Moms that really love that sometimes feel like a “BadMom” because of unrealistic pressured labels from society. When In fact we always strive to improve and never give up… as for NYE it was a blast!! Honored to be your BFF love you long time ❌⭕️❤ PS Always do what makes you happy! ❤️Blog

    Liked by 1 person


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