DNS, NamedServers and other crazy internet words

You’d think for a gal that her last position out in the field was Director of Information Technology, that it wouldn’t be so darn complicated to set up a blog.

First you have to figure out a really cool name for your blog.  This took me about two weeks, asking my students and friends what their ideas might be. Some of the options were Violet’s Journey (because my name means purple violet), Trials and Tribulations of a Future Jiujiteira and some other truly sappy names.  None of them really resonated with me.  I mean, I’d never read something sooo …ick!1269651-bigthumbnail

I even searched up female warrior names – it just got cheesier by the second but why are their lady mounds always so emphasised in pictures??!!  —->  —->

I have to admit, I did NOT come up with the name of my blog.  I was chatting with a high school friend of mine (isn’t that cool that we can have friends for so long?).   Being a guy, he came up with “Death of Submission” or “Kiss of Submission” but those sounded a little too 50 shades of grey for me.

“Old and Senile” “Over 40 & BJJ” “Midlife Crisis” – with friends like him, who needs enemies?!?

“Good in a Gi” – well I am new, how can I be any good??!!

“Guy in a Gi” – last I checked….no man parts in my panties. I like being a girl…

ALAS!!!  Triumph!!

“Girl in a Gi” is born!! and the truth is, this definitely was unexpected.

Hence….Girl in a Gi – an unexpected journey

Love it!

(By the way, Julius also suggested Fat Ass in a Gi – he’s lucky he lives in Texas.   My ass looks rather cute in my new Gi pants, if I don’t say so myself!)

Onwards to what blogger tool to use. Fact is, I did know WordPress is currently holding 80% of the blogger space and has this cool feature that I could someday convert this to a multi-faceted website – we will see, time will tell.

Now a template layout, then what do you want to show in your menu? How do you structure it? There is much to prepare before you even start writing – but when it is all said and done – I look at my blog with pride.  I’ve never owned a blog, let alone maintained one but I am now just as proud of my blog as I am with my progress in Jiu Jitsu.

Then today at open mat, conversation started about how Coach Joel still hasn’t finished reading my blog.  This peaked the interest of a couple of other fellow grapplers, they wanted to know the link – I felt honoured.

Well, I think it took me half an hour to say the full link.  The free site is girlinagiblog.wordpress.com – phew, exhausting.  I also learned from another friend (Thx Adam!) that Google AdSense could be something I should look into.  I could actually make money off my ramblings!  Who’da thunk it?!?  I’ll have to figure out how that works..

Next step, let’s shorten this url – I am now the proud owner of girlinagi.com – you are welcome to share it and give constructive critisism.  All I ask is if it’s negative, PM me and please, my daughter reads this blog, keep your language in the comments section at most PG14 rating.  Thank you.

In a nutshell, not only did I learn how to create and setup a blog, but my writing skills are improving with each of my posts. (At least, I think so)

My road block now is becoming what to write about – I understand now what writer’s block can be.  Thank goodness I have such great friends around me that help me with ideas.

Next up,new-years-day-972294_960_720 Adventures of New Year’s Eve, thanks to my beautiful life-long friend Emilia for planning it.

Can’t wait to venture out into that….

Happy New Year’s everyone!!  May 2017 bring you joy and happiness to you and your loved ones…Stay safe.  xo

PREV: Mani, Pedi and Ponytail Injuries  NEXT: On a more serious note…Domestic Violence


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