Old Traditions. New Traditions.

In the wake of what was the best evening we have shared as a family since mom’s passing, I sit here with coffee in hand reflecting.

I look around my living room seeing the tree so beautifully decorated. My daughter opted for a simple design this year – it’s perfect.  There is no wrapping paper strewn all over the floor as money is tight this year, we decided that the best gift of all was having our family together and actually being able to laugh without all that excess weight of sadness we have all been carrying around.

15698263_10209994282868198_2754127667092387482_nOld traditions. Our dinners have always included lobster, shrimp, wine, turron, rice pudding and ice cream cake – this is a tradition that cannot be changed no matter what.  The savages would go bizonkers if this disappeared.  I was warned two months in advance that the desserts HAD to be at the table last night.  Everyone had seconds of the desserts so they must have been good.

I added a new tradition of including turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberries.  Apparently my brother loves cranberries….who knew!!

We used to always play Monopoly but it always ended with my brother winning – I guess his business degree comes in handy every so often.  Time for a new tradition game.  We tried Dominos but that didn’t pan out well when dad smashed them on my glass dining table.  Then we tried Scrabble.  This posed a problem when it dawned on us that dad can’t spell in English.  What the heck, rules are meant to be broken so English-Spani15697810_10209994298188581_5510516808452021867_nsh scrabble it is!!  After a couple of rounds of that and my niece getting competitive over having to follow rules, we ditched that game too and onward we went to Jenga.  Immediately I ran
to grab a towel to protect my dining table – did I mention it’s glass??  And brand new???!!!  Please, let me enjoy my table for a few months at least.  Ends up that my brother and I are the only ones with steady enough hands to keep the structure from falling – yay for sibling DNA!

I know my daughter has been reading my blog since she threw in the word Gi on the board which spawned off conversation as to where did she learn that word and how I am now venturing into the world of Jiu Jitsu.  Until last night, my family didn’t even know I was doing this.  Ends up my niece is looking to also join so next time I go to Florida, I will have to pack my Gi.

I’d like to say that I want to go train this afternoon but I absolutely stuffed myself with food last night.  Instead I went back to my online training and found a new gym that is offering open mat sessions to all schools.  I inquired what that meant and low a behold, I learned something new.  I do not belong to a gym but to a ‘school’ – a Jiu Jitsu school!

The human on the other side of 5th Dimension Academy facebook page was super nice and invited me to go, even if all I do is watch.  I’ll keep it mind, doubt it will be today, not because I am going to be a couch potato but because my baby and I are going to pull out the blades and go skating!

Dress warm and we will see you on the ice!!15727062_10209996821371659_7837177226694583345_n

Post Skating Update: My baby said I had to pose for picture to post to my blog.  So I did!  It was super cold out there. 




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1 thought on “Old Traditions. New Traditions.

  1. Anonymous

    As I read this I can relate to missing a late loved one and not being sure how to go about the feelings you have. It is not easy and does take some trial and error but it does get better !



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