Mom! You look like a Jiu Jitsu girl!! 😃

I’m standing in the middle of my hallway stressing because my house looks like Trump vomited in it, the cat has peed outside the litter box – again [*rolling eyes*], I haven’t started my baking and I have a house full of guests coming for Christmas Eve. I’m feeling guilty because instead of doing all these things that a good mom and host is supposed to do…. I went to a Jiu Jitsu class.

I’m sweaty, hair is in total disarray, my mascara is smudged down my face and my baby girl says to me within seconds of me entering my crazy home…’Mom! You look like an actual Jiu Jitsu girl!!’

All of a sudden I feel super beautiful (best compliment I’ve ever received) and at that moment, I know I’m on the right track.


You see, almost four months ago, I made an impromptu decision.  I  was having a very difficult time after burying my mom this summer when through my Facebook feed comes a post.

I know what you’re thinking…hells no!!  Lol. What do I have that would require me to know self-defence?? I’m a crazy out-of-shape old lady!! No one would want to attack me!

I ignored the post…and a second time, third, fourth…OK! OK!!!! I’ll go check it out.

First off I need to go to the studio to see what on earth this is even about. What the heck is even Jiu Jitsu?  Is it some form of Karate? Ha-yaw!  Hmmm…

As I go up the stairs and into the hallway, my sense of smell is hit with this very strange scent – its almost sweet smelling, can’t pin my finger on it. More on this topic later!

I open the door…OMG!!!! There are 3 sets of very sweaty, very fit men rolling around on the floor. Super intense!!! What the heck is this!!! I am NOT NOT NOT doing this!!

Then a young man with kind eyes stops rolling around, comes to me all sweaty smiles and says ‘Hi! My name is Matt, don’t worry; the self-defence class isn’t this intense.’

I can’t even speak! I’m wide-eyed just staring. I want to run out of there but I’m glued to the bench. Something is telling me that no matter how scared I am, this is the beginning of a new and very unexpected adventure…

…& so it begins…