Road to Healing

Here I sit, after yet another scary bout of infections after a medical procedure.  When you don't have a personal nurse caring by your side, meeting your every need especially food intake, you need to rely on yourself. It isn't easy.  It takes some discipline and quite possibly, the internet. Yes.  How can this crazy... Continue Reading →

Am I a Masochist?!

Over the years I have worn casts and splints, had my share of bumps and bruises, tears and bandaids.  Having mommy or daddy kiss my ouchies away - well, isn't that the best medicine ever!! Fast forward into adulthood and childbirth, a difficult one I might add, months in the hospitals.  Enough morphine coursing through... Continue Reading →

On a more serious note…Domestic Violence

Movies that depict this: Safe Haven - Sleeping with the Enemy.  Hollywood-ized but I am sure it is closer to the truth than we want to admit. Articles: Statistics in Ontario -  The Facts about Violence against Women - We are failing the victims of Domestic Violence  - just to mention a few. Support groups: how sad that there are so many just in our... Continue Reading →

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